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Hello there, and welcome to my humble blog. I started this page a few years ago while working as a geologist in charge of an expanding GIS project, but my blogging output has fluctuated over the years. Recently, I started a new position as GIS Analyst for an oil gas (E/P) company. Therefore, I hope to resume more productive blogging habits again. — Over the years, I have used GIS in mining, engineering, and oil & gas. Yet, I’d be hard pressed to list any special interests within GIS. Most fun has beeen learning how to program, and I still get a kick out of watching Python save the day.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Maybe worthy of addition to your Blogroll: Maptitude Mapping Software @ http://www.caliper.com

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  3. dwi sunu herutomo

    Hi arne,
    just few moment ago i found your web after googling for “directional well with arcGIS”.
    i think we share the same passion with GIS and oil and gas industry, i too work for an exploration company here in Indonesia as a geologist dealing with well correlation and seismics, but my first interest was with GIS (Geomedia Pro). but now i use Esri apps.
    Good luck with your new job as a GIS analyst, i think i want to hear a lot from you regarding your project of building a GIS Environment in your company.


    Dwi Sunu Herutomo

    • Arne

      Good to hear from you, and my apologies for never replying. I am happy to squeeze in a blog post from time to time but I have been neglecting the comments. Stop by again!

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