PyCharm with Tortoise SVN

If you’re like me, you’ve been coding in Python for a few years but non of your work has involved team efforts where source/version control would have been key. So much of the code is cobbled together, re-produced, recycled, sometimes documented through comments, often not… the list goes on.

Well, I’m breaking with all these bad habits. I’ve heard and read so much about PyCharm, I’m giving it a try, and I’m also starting with SVC. Getting Jetbrains’ Pycharm up and running is easy. You get it here ( It claims “Best Python IDE”.

Then I installed Tortoise SVN, a client for Apache Subversion (SVN), available here ( I went with version 1.8.11.

Finally, once both are installed, in PyCharm, under File >> Settings => Version Control => You select the directory you’d like to put under version control and then pick your version control software (SVN). Done!



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