Blogging Journey 2.0

Several years ago, I was working as a Professional Geologist, sitting by drill rigs, logging borehole cuttings, preparing paper logs, and arguing with the drillers about ROP and TCR… these days I don’t leave my desk, I’m logging automated data loads, manage digital well logs and wrestle with RDP access or TCP packets. Yet, I’m still in the geosciences. It’s been an interesting journey.

Initially, I used this blog to log my baby steps of becoming tech savvy. After making the official transition from a technological geologist to IT professional, there must have been to much to learn to find the time and blog about it. That’s when my editorial output waned. So, I’m making another attempt at reviving my page.  I have no particular audience in mind. Instead I like to think of it as merely a collection of useful tips and tricks for geo-technologists like myself who never went through any rigorous IT schooling but have learned to leverage technology to solve problems.

By now, I have 6 years of Python coding under my belt. I have moved from GIS to supporting a range of geoscience applications in the petroleum industry. I spent 3 years working with SQL Server and have spent the last year learning about Oracle. I once dabbled in Linux but will soon have to brush up on that. Also, after successfully completing a 4-course Python certificate, I’m now working towards completing one for C#/.NET.

Along the way, I’ve collected my share of notes and made my share of rookie mistakes. That’s not to say I don’t still feel like a rookie at least once every day. But I have gotten better about finding solutions quickly, asking the right questions, and knowing when it’s time to call in the Marines. So welcome to my blog, and leave me a message if you found something useful.


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