Webservices in Python (or FME?)

Finally – to round off my triple of blog posts here (I’m getting caught up) – I have looked into consuming web services in Python with suds (https://fedorahosted.org/suds/). It looks straight forward. At this point, the only limitation is my knowledge of web services. Something as simple as:

import suds
from suds.client import Client
url = 'http://www.webservicex.net/usaddressverification.asmx?WSDL'
client = Client(url) 
print client

gets you a description of the service and its methods for this zip code verification service. This just happens to be a free service I could use for testing. One fine day, I hope to figure out how to use this for downloading data from a vendor who provides a wsdl web service portal. In fact, FME may offer a web services reader, too, and I need to take a look at that as well.


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