First 2 Months as GIS Analyst…

As mentioned back in June, I started a new job as GIS Analyst for an oil & gas (E/P) company, and I’ve been having a blast. After straddling the worlds of GIS and engineering geology for a few years, I’m glad to finally get to focus on GIS. And there is no lack of challenges in the new job. The learning curve has been a joy!

The GIS department I’m part of has been tasked to build an enterprise GIS using ArcGISServer, ArcSDE, SQLServer 2008, and MS Silverlight. Moreover, we are working on a Master Data Management Solution that will allow data from multiple departments to be available through the Silverlight powered web app.

For me, the challenge, therefore, has been and continues to be two fold:

1) Brush up on many aspects of ESRI technology:

ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, Python. Silverlight

2) Learn about a whole range of oil/gas industry software applications:

IHS Petra, SMT Kingdom, NeuraSection, Landworks, Merrick/RIO, the list continues

and how they might become part of the MDMS using NeuraDB, Volant, FME

I guess you could say we got our work cut out for us.


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