Book: Python Geospatial Development

Everywhere on the web, you find people developing new GIS tools for/in Python. But I’ve never really come across a book that ties all this together. All the standard Open Source GIS books and manuals (paper and online) have chapters about Python.

All the major packages have Python support, e.g. Mapserver (Python Mapscript) or the Quantum GIS Python Cookbook for QGIS. There a numerous other projects and packages.

So when I saw this new title: Python Geospatial Development, I got excited. It covers everything from basic GIS concepts to sources of geospatial/GIS data and imagery. It covers MySQL, PostGIS, and Spatialite, mapnik, and finally even setting up a Geodjango application.

This is probably not the kind of book to read from cover to cover if you’ve already worked with some of these projects, but it covers a wide range of available tools and is packed with online resources and links to even more tools and resources. I will try to remember to elaborate once I’ve read a little more.



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