Learning Object Oriented C#

I picked this up at the local Half Price Books store last week. — The book consists of three parts.

Part 1) is about the concept of Objects: For some reason, I’m always surprised to read that there are veteran programmers who have a hard time understanding or implementing OOP.  The first Python book I worked through explained some of the concepts of OOP, and it made total sense. In fact, I couldn’t imagine programming things differently. That may, of course, be a shortcoming of mine since I’m new to programming in general. Anyway, the idea of creating blue prints (classes) for objects you’re working with, and then creating objects as instances of those classes appeals to me, and has been the perfect fit for my recent programming project.

Part 2) is about Modeling objects (e.g. UML): I am really not familiar with the formal aspects of modeling and modeling language. I will probably skip this part for now. In the context of my current work and programming challenges, I can get away with scribbling little diagrams on pieces of paper. But there certainly appears to be lots of  “meat” in this part of the book for those interested.

Part 3) is about putting the concepts to work in C#: While OOP makes sense to me and Python does, too, I do hope to find some more sense in C# on day. I have been complaining a lot about C# and realize this has to do with the mere look and – what I perceive to be – lack of clarity of the code. I like to think it’s a lack of effort on my part to wrap my brain around and embrace C#. So while the OOP concepts of C# already make sense to me, I hope for a better understanding of the language in Part 3.


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