ArcGIS 10 – First Look Around

Ok, downloaded the new ArcGIS 10 from (approx. 4GB ISO file) and installed on Windows 7. I don’t remember seeing this on prior versions – a conflict detection feature on the installation menu.  I remember fighting with this in the past, hunting down leftovers of ArcGIS(X-1) before installing ArcGISX. Unfortunately, this time around, again, everything 9.3… had to be removed.

The GUI looks very similar. I like the Python window, and one thing I noticed was the built-in KML >> SHP conversion in ArcToolBox. I have been using a Python script up to this point, (which I preferred to Arc2Earth).

Also, first visit to ArcGIS 10 Resource Center, where there is finally some info on developments with arcpy & Python. All very promising. Looking forward to working with this new version, and using Python for working the actual .

Epilogue: Tried upgrading to ArcGIS on another machine, and while the conflict detection feature stubbornly declared: “No conflict”, the installer for 10 would inform me that there were still 9.3.something elements installed. After giving the thing the benefit of the doubt a couple of times, I went into the Windows registry and wiped out anything ESRI. That worked. Somehow, this has done little to increase my confidence in version 10.


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