Geodjango – The Sequel…

During Week 2 of working with the Geodjango tutorial, I was having more luck. I corrected some mistakes I made earlier. The module mentioned in (7) – see last post – obviously has to be the I also re-ran the Windows installer for Geodjango to improve my directory structure. Somehow I had two Django versions installed, and my PYTHONPATH was a little cluttered. It seemed that everything was working great.

Then, I got to the 

But when I got to the “Google / Geographic Admin” section of the tutorial I was unable to display the WorldBorders entries on a map. I can pull up http://localhost:800/admin in my browser, and I get this screen:

But none of the links seem to work. If I click on ‘World borderss’ (sic!), I see /world/worldborders’ appended in the address bar of the browser. But nothing else happens. Did I mess up somewhere, e.g. when I snuck in the the typo “World borderss” ? Where do I need to fix that ? Or is this a problem with ? Any help is appreciated.

Hmm. Maybe it’s time to start over. Each time I do, I seem to learn something new and catch another glitch.


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