Back to Python, C# Frustrations

So I’m back to Python… work with C# is on hold. I understand it but it’s no fun. It’s ugly.  When I play with Python code, it makes sense right away. It’ clear and concise. C# is cluttered and bloated. Yeah, it’s neat to be able to whip up a bunch of professional looking Windows forms in a few minutes… but just to say hello world, takes a page of code, it feels like. It’s just not the kind of programming, I think I will enjoy. It’s good to understand some of the code I see for use with ArcGIS, but right now, I don’t see myself writing much C# from scratch any time soon.

Every time I see a line like this, it looks so redundant:

Newclass Newobject = new Newclass();

I know what it means, and I get it that Python is dynamically typed while C# is a statically typed language. But just looking at the code, all I can think that there is twice as much code there as ought to be necessary. So… I’ll be spending more type getting better with Python.


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