ArcGIS Server – Services in Browser

My first experiment with ArcGIS Server about a month ago consisted of creating a simple MXD project in ArcMap and turning that into a service using ArcGIS Server Manager. I was then able to display my map in a browser (IE8) on another machine via LAN using the address http://myserver/arcgis/services.

I don’t know what happened. When I try the same now, all I get is:


After reading this thread here, I tried the following:


and got this result:

When I click on Project 1 (my original MXD converted to AGS service), I get to this screen:

And when I then select JSAPI, my map opens up in the browser. — Ok, I have a vague understanding of REST and SOAP, and this appears to be functioning properly (rather than malfunctioning). But why did something change and what? This post on REST vs. SOAP was interesting. I haVe to wonder whether at some point I accidentally changed some sort of setting somewhere because when I try:


I get a lot of XML gobbledeegook. So apparently, the browser is talking to AGS but just can’t display the map using that url. So what happened ? Anyone ?


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