Starting VC# ( and Visual Office 2008) for ArcGIS

So I have begun sinking my teeth into Visual C# to use with ArcGIS. Reading the first few chapters of the book mentioned in my last post, I seemed to notice certain similarities between C# and Python (I know, this will make some people’s hair stand on end) when it comes to lists and dictionaries, while I noted the use of 2-D or 3-D arrays (such as I remember from BASIC) in C#, which I don’t think exists in Python. Anyway, it will be interesting to explore C# and .NET further.

Having gotten my feet wet, I wanted to start a little ArcGIS project in C#, and found this page here: Getting Started: Walkthrough 1 C#, Creating a Simple Command for ArcMap, which looked like a great introduction, although it wasn’t written for Visual Office 2008. But I ran into a problem at the bottom of page one – locating ESRI.ArcObjects.Core.  The reason I couldn’t find it was explained here. Apparently I was using the old name for said component, and in fact, looking at the link above, I realized that it was for ArcGIS 8.3.  The updated tutorial for 9.3 can be found here

I must say this is just one example of many of how the ESRI website is cluttered with debris from yesteryear. Maybe I should avoid googling down dead-end one-ways for ESRI solutions, and instead always start searching at But I find the website unnecessarily difficult to navigate.

PS: Somehow, I initially forgot to install the ArcGIS Desktop SDK for .NET (that comes with ArcGIS Desktop) to begin with, and when I tried creating a new C# project, all I could see were the templates for ArcGIS Engine SDK for .NET (that came with my EDN package).



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2 responses to “Starting VC# ( and Visual Office 2008) for ArcGIS

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  2. Very nice tutorial, very imformative. Thanks.

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