Red Hat Enterprise Linux & ArcGIS Server

I thought trying out ArcGIS Server on Linux would be an experiment worth undertaking. I saw this post about installing on Ubuntu, which I already have running on an older PC. But I was curious how Ubuntu compares to Red Hat, the server edition of which (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) is listed as a supported platform for AGS on the ESRI website. Fortunately, rather than paying for Red Hat Linux, there is CentOS. The free version of unfree RHL. I thought I’d simply download the latest version (5.4) and install it on my #2 PC. That, however, didn’t work because apparently the Intel Celeron PGA478 does not support Physical Address Extension (PAE ), whereas Centos 5.4 does. I couldn’t quite figure out starting with what version a PAE-kernel is included, and I didn’t want to get into the nitty gritty of switching out the kernel or compiling one myself. Ergo no luck. So I will try installing version 4.8 instead. Interestingly, I’ve never had any trouble like that with Ubuntu, which has installed out of the box on the Celereron, an even older Celeron, and my Lenovo laptop. So, if version 4.8 fails, I will install AGS on Ubuntu.



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7 responses to “Red Hat Enterprise Linux & ArcGIS Server

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  2. just curious, have you ever had luck with AGS on Ubuntu or CentOS? about to dig into the same experiment and started a quick research if it’s worth the time trying or if there are any show blockers.

    • Arne

      Sorry for the delay in replying. No, I never got that far. I installed Centos from the ISO on an older desktop machine. Which worked fine. But then I didn’t get around to installing AGS. I kept it on Win7…. frankly, I haven’t been to thrilled with the whole AGS universe. But that may just be me 😉

  3. sibusiso

    i’ve install linux ubuntu on my computer,but i want some instruction of how to install gis server that i can be able to recieve and send data please help.


    Hello everybody,actually i’m an engineer student in GIS Technologies,and i’m wondering if you could answer some questions about the ArcGIS Installation on Linux and precisely Ubuntu 10.04.
    So, i’m just asking you guys if it’s possible to have ArcGIS Desktop or Server 10 on Ubuntu, if yes would you please send me a tuto about how to install it.
    Second, I’ve read on the Internet that it’s possible to install it on Red Hat Linux Enterprise, so it would be really kind of you to get me some Information.


    Réda ELBOUKFAOUI,GIS Engineer Student
    Hassania School of Public Affairs

    • Arne

      Thanks for your comment. But I don’t think I can help. Have you tried googlw ? If someone’s done it before, it’s probably documented somewhere. Good luck.


    Did anyone ever installed any of the ArcGIS Frameworks on linux ubuntu ?
    I Think it would be interesting to do it.

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