Bedtime Reading – Visual C# Unleashed

Yesterday, I got my copy of Visual C# Unleashed in the mail. – It’s funny, I was following a GIS related discussion thread on last week, and a number of posters were pointing out the benefits of Safari book subscriptions, i.e. paying a monthly fee for accessing a whole online library of books. It sounds like a great if you’ve moved into the digital book age. But I’m afraid I haven’t. I get a lot of my information online and many answers to specific questions on the internet. But when it comes to good primers on a subject, there is nothing like an old-fashioned 2-lb book. To those who say that books kill trees I say: not if I buy a used copy through That cost me $4.95 and doesn’t kill trees. On the contrary it’s carbon sequestration !

My experience with the “Unleashed” books has been positive, and I’m looking forward to using this one to teach me some Visual Office programming skills using C#.



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