ArcGIS Server on Windows 7…(The Installation)

Finally ! I have ArcGIS Server (AGS) Up and Running. It’s been a “circuitous” installation, and I am looking forward to using AGS. Here are the milestones.

1) Where to install ?

I attended an ESRI session about AGS last week at the DFWMAUG January Conference and heard quite a bit about AGS capability and server design etc. I had terms such as SOC and SOM buzzing around my head… by now, I know a little more about them. The simples install – especially for development purposes, I learned, was to have ArcGIS Desktop and AGS (and hopefully the other EDN products) all installed on the same machine. But what machine ? I wanted one separate from the one I do all my non-GIS work on. So I bought another PC.

I ended up with a Gateway DX4831-01e (Intel® Core™ i3-530 processor (2.93GHz), 6GB DDR2 RAM, 1TB Serial ATA HD, and Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit).

Little did I know about Windows 7 (although I had made sure that AGS would run on it), less did I know about 64 bit.

2) Preparing for Install.

There are a number of prerequisites and steps in preparing your machine for AGS installation. ESRI’s ArcGIS Server Installation Guide (here and here) helps cover most them. But it includes no info for installing on Win7. Instead, I found one helpful page about AGS onWin7 here.

First I made sure that the required features of Internet Information Services (version 6 on my machine) were turned on, as shown here. In Win7, there were some differences between “checkable” features under Security. It later turned out that the only way to get things to work under Win7 is ti simply turn on ALL features of IIS6.

Working with 64-bit Windows7 oi the next consideration. ArcGIS Server is 32-bit and 64-bit Windows needs to be told to be friendly with AGS. Follow steps 1-4 in ESRI’s AGS Installation Guide.

Step 2 caused an error with finding adsutil.vbs. – I fixed this by turning on  IIS6 Scripting Tools. Which was followed by a permission denied – Error Number 70(0x86) – because I failed to run cmd as administrator. You do so by doing Start > Run > cmd > Ctrl/Shift/Enter instead of Enter. That fixed the problem.

Step 3 was no problem. Step 4 was slightly different in Win7. Goto ControlPanel>System/AdminTools… Advanced Settings>Enable 32-bit… It should say “TRUE”.

Next, I installed Visual Basic 2008 Express and Visual C++ 2008 Express, and Web Platform Installer which includes SQL Server Express (I don’t think that was a requirement).

3) Installation

Time to pop in the DVD. Have your authorization file handy, and click through screens about SOC and SOM and WebServices. This was the only straight forward step (on the 4th try or so…).

4) Post Install

Start with this page here to add yourself (user) to the agsadmin Group. This was different on Win7. Control Panel > System&Security > AdminTools > ComputerManagement > BLANK. You’re supposed to see Groups and Users here. But I didn’t. Turns out that my new PC running Win7 Home didn’t provide this option. Time to upgrade to Win7 Professional. Hopefully this wasn’t $89 wasted. — Once Wind7Prof was installed, I proceeded to Groups > agsadmin. Right Click > Add to Group > Advanced > Find Now = here you select your user name.

5) Test Drive

AFter restarting the computer, I see ArcGIS Server in my Start menu, and find ArcGIS Server Manager. I can start it but when it comes time to login using Domain/User (in my case arcgisserver/myname) and password, nothing happens. So there remains once more thing to take care of and I found the solution here. Go to Admin Tools (see above) > Local Security Policy > Security Options  and make sure that 128-bit Encryption Requirement is unchecked for Network Security: Minimum Sesssion… clients and Network Security: Minimum Sesssion… server.

Now, you you should be able to start AGS Manager and log in successfully. – I hope this helps. It took me the better part of a day to figure it all out.



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