Getting Server Savvy – Ubuntu Server 9.04

After a recent computer meltdown at our office, I was quick to claim the discarded desktop unit for my own purposes. Yes, it had been declared trash. But all I had to do was hook the HD up to my own computer as a slave, and format it. Then I popped it back into the old computer (A Compaq Presario, dated approx. 2004, with Pentium Celeron 2.8GHz, 120BG… you get the picture – 2004 hardware, and formatted the drive. That simple.

Now, I ‘ve installed Ubuntu Server 9.04, and it’s running like a charm. I’ve always thought it would be nice and handy to learn a little more about running (maintainenance/admin) a server. I will probably experiment with Geoserver and/or Mapserver – ideas I got the other day whilereading in GIS for Web Developers: Adding ‘Where’ to Your Web Applications, and if it’s true that I can get ArcGIS Server to run on Ubuntu, then I will try that once (if) I get my EDN package. Of course, the first thing I was wishing for when starting the server was a GUI. Need to get friendly w/ the command line to call myself a real Linux geek.


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