Suggestions for GIS Career & Credentials

Yesterday, I had an informational lunch with a GIS professional with significantly more experience than myself. My main questions were 1) how best to market my GIS skills, 2) how do I convince a potential employer that I can solve GIS problems, and 3) what essential GIS weapons should I add to my arsenal because they are most marketable and will get me the farthest.

Essentially, I came away from our talk thinking that my background as a geologist is an asset, and that I should focus on my programming skills, e.g. adding some Visual Basic to my Python (I’ve shied away from it because what little exposure I had to VB wasn’t pleasant), and – to my great relief !- that I should try to demonstrate analytical/scientific understanding rather than inside-out know-how of software. Also, I’m still considering obtaining a GIS Certificate.

expaoOh, and here the latest addition to my GIS library.

Exploring ArcObjects: Vol. 1 – 1356 pages !!!


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  1. Dave

    Hey are you talking about Geographic Information Science or Geographic Information System ?? Or are they the same thing ???

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