GISVM with Sun Virtualbox

A while back, I made a post about difficulties with the installation of various GIS open source programs under Ubuntu Linux. One helpful response came from Samuel, who suggested running GISVM to make installation easier. (You should know that I’m only a casual Linux user, getting better and more confident all the time.)

I just installed GISVM (more or less successfully) using Sun’s Virtualbox. I now have a Ubuntu Linux host with a Ubuntu Linux Guest that includes PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, Mapserver, FWTools, QGIS, GRASS, gvSIG, uDIG, Kosmo and OpenJump. There are a few jinxes to be ironted out – PostgreSQL didn’t install properly, and the display of my guest window is screwed up, which might have something to do with 16/32 bit issues.

The two things that took me a few moments to figure out was 1) how to get Virtualbox to boot from the proper VMDK file (I solved this by using the Media Manager in Virtualbox to select the VDMK file, declaring it as Master IDE drive and putting it at the top of the boot list) and 2) how to keep the start up of the virtual machine from aborting (Cruising the forums, I found that most likely there was a problem with the Host boot manager (GRUB), and I installed a different version BOOT-PC.) It was that easy.

Now, I have no idea what I’m going to do with the new software. But it’s nice to know I got it running.


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