Learning arcgisscripting & Geoprocessor Object

Using the Sam’s script was a good lesson in the use of arcscripting and the Geoprocessor Object because I’ve been making slow headway applying my understanding of Python to geoprocessing in ArcGIS. There just seem to be very few (if any) good step-by-step tutorials on this subject. The best thing I’ve found, and I need to get back to and finish it, is a downloadable course (sldeshow) consisting of a number of modules by Geospatial Training (Mastering Python for Geoprocessing in ArcGIS), that attempts to deliver but doesn’t get an A rating from me. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing I’ve found – also somewhat pricey ($99) for a 90 minute course.

The best way still to understand things is, as for any programming, to review existing code and run it, make changes to it and run it again. So checking out Sam’s script, I learned more than from the course.


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