Garmin GPS 60CSx

60CSxWell, after reading about a number of more or less highly rated, hand-held GPS units, I’ve opted for and ordered the Garmin GPS 60CSx. I had flirted with the idea of ordering the Delorme Earthmate PN40, but after a number of reviews and visiting I got the sense that the Garmin series might be somewhat more “open source” when it comes to uploading data and interfacing w/other non-Garmin software.

Mapping or not was an easy decision. I want to try to export/upload all kinds of GIS data to the GPS. Ergo mapping. B/w or color was easy, too. This is 2009 ! Over all, Garmin seems to – if not hold an edge over other brands – at least continue a tradition of reliable units. The first GPS I used was a Magellan. This was 1996. I haven’t seen any affordable Magellan units though.

This here was an interesting page about considerations when choosing a handheld GPS unit.

This here – a manual for data collection using the Garmin 76CSx – might come in useful. The only reason I chose the 60CSx over the 76Csx was size. A number of reviewers claimed the 76 was a bit of a clunker. — I will be reporting on how I like my GPS soon.


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