New Hard Drive for GIS Data

iomega_prestigeTo lighten the load on my main hard drive, I decided to move my burgeoning GIS data warehouse onto another drive and bought my first Tera Byte drive (Iomega Prestige). After plugging it in, I soon came to realize that due to conflicting definitions of TB (1000GB or 1024 GB), Windows was only seeing 931GB of free space on my brand spanking new drive – Wow ! What a let-down !

Anyway, I’m going to be moving most of my GIS data onto the new drive so that I can carry it with me and access it from the laptop.

One thing to consider and spend some time on researching is how to organize all this GIS data. Now, is the time to give this some thought. I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been downloading and copy/pasting several GB every day. To keep the chaos at bay, I need to come up with a permanent system.



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2 responses to “New Hard Drive for GIS Data

  1. Michael Zucker

    I am in the process of devlopeing a .NET C# Windows Based Application. I would liek to utilize GIS located either on the local hard drive or remote hard drive to display a map with overlay components as soon sa s the users clicks ‘Enter’. Couple of questions:

    1. Do you know where I could obtain the GIS data I need all while being able to perform overlays on that GIS data?
    2. Dos and Don’ts of this? Lessons Learned? Best wayt od accomplish this?


    • Me

      Hey Michael,

      1) GIS data is all over the web. Depends on your needs/interests. Try the Federal Geographic Data CLearinghosue –
      USGS has lots of data. Many Counties, Cities and COG (Council of Governments) have GIS data online.
      2) There is no answer for that. It all depends. I’m only beginning to get into the WebGIS world, and am the wrong person to ask. – Good luck.

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