Using a DOS command…

I can’t believe I just googled how to copy files in DOS. But turns out that was way easier than copy/paste job under Windows. After downloading all those DRGs the other day, I ended up with a bunch of other files that I didn’t want – scattered among the *.tif’s  across a few hundred file folders.

To make things easy, I used:    xcopy c:\origin\*.tif c:\destination.

I had almost forgotten how much fun DOS used to be !

Or if you’d like to merge a bunch of files from different directories in one folder.

for /r c:\…\origin %i in (*.tif) do copy /y %i c:\…\destination

and for those darn temp files the downloader created (*****.tif.temp), I used:

ren c:\origin\????????.???.??? ????????.tif – one “?” for each character in the file name.


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  1. I would suggest that you add a /b to the copy command so that you don’t end up truncating files when you copy them. Otherwise, there’s a long-standing “feature” in the copy command that will stop copying a file when it hits a text-EOF marker character ( 0x1a / 26 decimal ) in the file. This usually only manifests when the source file spec contains a wildcard character, but I’ve grown into always adding /b.

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