GIS Programming Challenge with DRG files

Time for a programming challenge for myself as the budding programmer. This week, I downloaded a number of USGS topo DRG’s for the state of Texas. A little tool I found somewhat helpful (after a few failed attempts) was Pagenest, a free, little offline browser/downloader.

Now, I am able to display the topo map for an entire area of intererest. Unfortunately, these are NOT collarless maps. So one thing to find out is how to get rid of the collar or – if possible – how to hide it. The programming challenge will be to come up with a way that allows me to display the appropriate USGS topo map for the extent shown in ArcMap at the click of a button. I am running a script that adds the correct TIFF file (fortunately the naming convention for these files indicates their geographic location) to my data frame based on the boundary coordinates of the current extent…

Frankly, I have no idea how to do this. That’s why it’s the programming challenge of the month !


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