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Ubuntu GIS

Monday morning. I tried to pick up right where I left off on Friday – to get all this open source GIS stuff to install under LInux… thankfully google took me to the Ubuntu-GIS page. Why didn’t it occur to me that there might be a lively GIS community running ubuntu… Here is the link to: UbuntuGIS. And rather than worry about the stupid compiling from source code which keeps giving me errors and comes up with missing libraries, I’m just going to install packages from Synaptic and hope that the pieces – Proj, GEOS, GDAL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS – all fall in place. I will post on my success (or lack therof) soon.


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Beautiful Code in Python

Before I ever looked at computer programming, words such “beautiful code” gave me only the vaguest sense of what people were talking about. What does that mean ? Is it merely efficient code ? Or does it refer to a sort-of Eureka type solution to a programming problem? Now that I’ve spent a couple of months looking at Python (BTW, I passed both my Python and PHP final exams this week – yeah !!!), I’m beginning to understand not only what beautiful code may be but also¬†appreciate the clarity of Python.

When I was in high school, I took a year of BASIC programming. One of the few things I could remember from that was code like this.

10 FOR A = 1 TO 10



This always made complete sense. It’s so simple. You use a variable (A) to count loops till your variable reaches a certain value (10) and ends. The next level for me was stuff like this:

10 FOR A = 1 TO 10



In this example, you use the variable A for more than just counting loops. It’s also part of the output. Both methods are clean and simple solutions and give the beginner a sense of how to think like a programmer.

Yesterday, I came across a piece of code in O’Reilly’s “Python Cookbook” using List Comprehensions.

thenewlist = [ x + 23 for x in the oldlist if x > 5 ]

Even if you don’t know Python and don’t know what exactly a list is, it should be immediately clear what’s going on here. For me, it was a Eureka type moment realizing how simple and powerful Python is, if you can pack a loop, a condition, and an expression¬†(?) into one line of code. I got a real kick out of this.

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