No. 1) A Blog about teaching myself GIS and Web Programming

This is a the first post on this new blog. I’ve been using my personal blog lately to post about my experiences and Eureka moments teaching myself GIS and some basic web technology. But it’s time to spawn something new. I am not sure which way this blog will take off eventually, just like I’m not sure where my autodidactic quest will take me. Maybe I will stick with GIS, maybe I will head towards the web.

If you’ve missed my earlier posts on the old blog, this here sums up my experience so far:

1) Started using ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 professionally last year. Years ago, I had worked some with Mapinfo5. and a few years ago I took a college semester for ArcGIS. I am not actually using ArcGIS for work, which makes so much more sense than trying to teach yourself software skills when you’re unable to apply it on a day-today basis.

2) I have built some basic websites using HTML/CSS but never got beyong static pages. Very frustrating.

3) So I decided to take a course in and teach myself PHP/MySQL – built my first SQL database today !

4) I am also currently taking a course in and teaching myself Python 2.5 simply to

  a) learn some programming and see if I like it – so far I’m having a blast ! , and to

  b) get an edge over the average GIS whiz out there – I figure I have got some catching up to do.

Also interested in Django and GeoDjango.


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